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Geomembran HDPE/Carbofol

Geomembran HDPE/ Carbofol Terbuat dari bahan HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) HDPE adalah polietilena termoplastik yang terbuat dari minyak bumi Geomembrane HDPE merupakan material yang tahan air.Tahan terhadap korosi, minyak, air asam dan temperatur panas yang tinggi


  • Pelapis maupun penutup landfill
  • Kolam limbah beracun
  • Penampungan limbah cair
  • Kolam pembudidayaan hayati
  • Saluran drainase
  • Tempat reservoir air
  • Pekerjaan tambang/tailing dam
  • Lapisan terowongan
  • Tangki penyimpan bahan cair


  • versatile sealing applications possible
  • excellent chemical resistance due to selected raw materials
  • free from leaching plasticizer
  • extreme high elongation during uni-axial and multi-axial deformation
  • high stress cracking resistance
  • very high UV-resistance
  • direction independent shear stress transfer with structured surfaces
  • high interface friction angles with embossed structured surface
  • complete quality control from the resin to the final product
  • installation advantages with up to 9.40 m wide liner
  • high Melt Flow Index allows an excellent
  • welding performance smooth edges with removable
  • plastic tape for clean welding surface and overlap lines
  • durable product with more than 40 years of project experience
  • also available according to GM-13 and with BAM and DIBt approval
  • ISO 9001 certified
  • CE marked