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Isogate® WB knife gate valves


Design standards N/A
Design ratings N/A 
Size range/-dimensions80 to 1350mm (3″ – 54″)
Pressure class/-power80-600mm (3″ – 24″) 1400kPa (200psi); 650-1200mm (26″ – 48″) 1035kPa (150psi)1350mm (54″) 700kPa (100psi)
Temperature range0-120°C

Key features/benefits

  • Field replaceable thick elastomer sleeves are easily replaced without disassembling the valve
  • Sleeves are available in a variety of materials to handle abrasive and corrosive applications
  • Full port flow reduces pressure drop and turbulence, thus minimizing wear
  • Bi-directional shut off, 100% bubble-tight shut off
  • Packingless design
  • No gate or stem packing
  • Open bottom allows for the purging of large solids, and solids in high concentration
  • Yoke design allows fitting for all designed actuators
  • No seat cavities where solids can collect and cause gate interference
  • May be used in wet or dry application
  • Flush control option allows for periodic cleaning of the lower discharge vent and allows flushing as needed


On/Off Isolation of low pressure slurries to 14 bar


  • Slurry transportation
  • Tailings Management
  • Wet sand pumping


Body: Cast ductile iron as standard

Gate: 316 stainless steel as standard

Sleeves: Natural rubber as standard

Yoke: Mild steel fabrication