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SPM® SD Clapper Check Valves


Design standards N/A
Design ratingsN/A
Size range/-dimensions2″ – 4″
Pressure class/-power ratingUp to 15,000 psi max rated pressure
Temperature rangeN/A
Capacity N/A

Key features/benefits

  • Utilization of a Threaded Seat
    • Self-locking design prevents seat from becoming loose during operation
    • Machined from high erosion and high corrosion resistant NACE compliant stainless steel for long life
    • Features o-ring for excellent sealing performance
    • Seat is replaceable for extended valve life

  • Fully Coated Clapper
    • Clapper fully coated in urethane provides long life and decreased risk of delamination
    • Provides consistent, repeatable sealing
  • Enhanced Hanger
    • Flat machined into hanger matches flat machined into body preventing rotation during operation
    • Fully enclosed hanger pin for fewer loose parts and enhanced durability


  • Fracking
  • Cementing
  • Well Service


Well completion